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About The X Truth

Have you ever been cheated on? I know I have!
Have you tried online dating? I have! Have you met creeps online? Yup, once again same here!

Here at The X Truth we would like to help deter people from cheating. If you are going to cheat on someone just end the relationship. It shouldn't matter if you are a husband or wife of 30 years or a couple of a year. We want to hear your story! Actually, we don't want to hear your story we want you to make it public!

To help prevent slander proper proof that a relationship existed must be provided Also, we are NOT interested in anything less than 6 months unless truely extraordinary events took place(ie purposal / pregnacy...).

Types of Proof

All proof must be in image format

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  • From the other side

    If you join you will be notified when someone posts about you and you may dispute any acquisitions against you.


    We are doing are best to provide a service of truth in effort to make people more honest and are not liable for any misinformation. Anyone can be CatFished (Thanks Nev) even us.

    Here at The X Truth we have the right to review any posting and remove it.

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